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We're working with applicants in Edmonton and all over the world to get their visas, work permits, LMIAs, PRs or Citizenship. Our starting point is the assessment form - please fill it out and we will get the information required for our initial consultation. Having this information will allow us to pick an immigration program that maximizes your chance of approval.

Jystyna Dzioch is the founder and CEO of LIVIN immigration services, an immigration consulting company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Best Immigration Consultant In Edmonton

LIVIN Immigration Services & Consulting led by Justyna Dzioch is definitely one of the best immigration professionals in Edmonton. The attention to detail and quality of service at LIVIN is remarkable and is something that clients often mention in their reviews.

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Looking for a fresh start in Canada?

LIVIN Immigration Services is here to make sure you will be livin’ your dream! And because we are aware of the challenges you might face in your immigration journey, we want you to know that we are fully committed to create for you an excellent opportunity and an exceptional customer experience.

And if you are wondering how we are going to be able to do that, you must know that we are being guided by our own core values such as honesty, determination, competency, kindness, respect, knowledge, trustworthiness and commitment.

Canada’s immigration system is a complex one and provides many opportunities for people from all around the world.

Every year, millions of people come to Canada to visit, work, or study and many of them are planning to make Canada their permanent home.

LIVIN Immigration Services, the best immigration consultants in Edmonton, Alberta, guarantees all clients’ satisfaction with their work quality, commitment and determination to reach a positive and great result for all the applicants.

LIVIN Immigration’s easy process to reach your immigration goals

Are you looking for an immigration consultant in Edmonton?

You came to the right place! At Livin Immigration we have the best immigration consultants in Edmonton, Alberta who can help our clients to reach immigration goals. As an immigration consultant company, our process is easy and transparent and our clients are informed about every step of the way by our dedicated professionals committed to taking care of your immigration needs.

Whatever immigration services you are applying for, either it’s express entry, temporary foreign worker, study visa application, temporary resident visa or citizenship application, the best immigration consultants in Edmonton are here to make sure that the process is as simple as possible.

Consultation with the best immigration consultants in Alberta

LIVIN Immigration’s services are exactly what you need! Our immigration consultants from Edmonton have complete understanding of your needs and what is required to achieve your goals. They have required experience to help you succeed in your immigration journey and once they will find out how they can help you, it will be easy to get started.

At LIVIN Immigration understanding your needs are really important, and once we understand your vision, our immigration consultants in Edmonton can help you achieve it. The first step is to complete our assessment and let the best immigration consultants in Alberta to determine your eligibility for immigration to Canada. Get started!

The best immigration consultants in Alberta dedicated to your success

Our immigration consultants in Edmonton are one of the best consultants in Canada because they are fully dedicated to the success of your application right from the start. Our consultants understand how overwhelming the immigration process can be, so they make sure the needs of all our clients are fulfilled, they are friendly, knowledgeable, and they are doing their best to ensure a smooth process.

LIVIN Immigration Services' consultants in Alberta understand the laws and they are continually in contact with government agencies to keep up with rapidly changing requirements. You will definitely feel better knowing that your assessment is in the hand of the most qualified immigration consultants in Edmonton with years of experience.

Our immigration consultants in Alberta are taking action on your behalf

Over the years LIVIN Immigration Services has helped hundreds of people to successfully submit their applications in regards to Canadian immigration. Our immigration consultants in Alberta can easily help you with any challenges that you may come across. When applying for immigration to Canada, time is of the essence and our immigration consultants in Alberta will get started on your application right away since some of the applications take time to process.

One of the best reasons to submit your application with LIVIN Immigration Services is that our immigration consultants in Edmonton are being able to take action on your behalf and take care of all the paperwork for you. Our professional, qualified and knowledgeable consultants will ensure that your application is submitted correctly and on time, and will also let you know about everything you need to be aware during your application process.

LIVIN Immigration consultant team in Alberta will achieve your success

As our best immigration consultants in Edmonton will handle all the details of your application, they will act on your behalf to submit the paperwork and achieve your success. In the meantime, you will have a chance to focus on other aspects of your journey to Canada without worrying about anything else since our professional immigration consultants in Alberta will take your stress out of the process.

At LIVIN Immigration you will get very professional service. Please complete our assessment and our consultants will guide you and take care of the rest.

LIVIN Immigration Services in Edmonton, Alberta

At LIVIN Immigration we understand that when it comes to your Canadian immigration application there’s a lot on the line and our immigration consultants in Edmonton will help you make decisions, submit your application and do all the paperwork so that you can settle as soon as possible in beautiful Canada and make the most of your new life in this country.

We offer a complete set of immigration services and our regulated immigration consultants in Edmonton are able to help serve in so many different ways, whether it’s for a personal visa application, a foreign student application, work permit, family sponsorship or Canadian citizenship. Our immigration services aren’t just meant to help you immigrate but also help you build a new life in Canada.

Immigrate to Canada with the help of our immigration consultants in Alberta

Our Canadian immigration services are tailored to your needs and the best immigration consultants in Alberta will help you access your eligibility to enter Express Entry pool through Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program or Canadian Experience Class.

Our immigration consultants in Alberta can walk you through each stage of the immigration process and will determine if you meet all the requirements or if you need to improve your skills in order to become a better candidate for future immigration attempts.

Visit Canada with our Visitor Visa or Super Visa

LIVIN Immigration Services is happy to do everything for their clients and whether you are planning to enjoy this beautiful destination or planning to visit your family, our immigration consultants in Edmonton will take care of your needs and will help you through the application process.

More than that, we are dedicated to bring families together and our immigration consultants in Edmonton can help you obtain a Super Visa, which will allow parents or grandparents to come visit their loved ones and stay in Canada for up to two years at a time

Study in Canada with the help of our immigration consultants in Alberta

Do you want to choose Canada as your study destination? Our immigration consultants in Edmonton will help you obtain a study permit which will allow you to study for more than six months in Canada.

The process of becoming an international student can be overwhelming but we are making sure that all our applicants meet the eligibility to obtain a study permit and the best immigration consultants will help them through this process.

Work in Canada with LIVIN Immigration’s work permit

LIVIN Immigration Services will help you to get a legal authorization to work in Canada. All you need to do is to retain us and the best immigration consultants in Edmonton will lead you through the process. A work permit allows people to work temporarily in Canada in order to help grow this country’s strong economy.

Our immigration consultants in Alberta will provide you with resources to help you in your search as Canadian labor market has very strict regulations in regards to foreign workers.

Family Sponsorship Class with LIVIN Immigration Services

Our consultants in Edmonton will provide you with information about the Family Sponsorship Class, a program that gives Canadian citizens and permanent residents the chance to sponsor their close family members and allow them to immigrate to Canada.

And as sponsoring a family member to immigrate to Canada comes with several obligations, our immigration consultants in Edmonton will make sure that you understand all about the sponsorship process and the financial responsibility for sponsored family members for a certain period of time.

Obtain a Canadian Citizenship with LIVIN Immigration’s consultants in Alberta

In order to become a Canadian citizen, an applicant must meet eligibility requirements.. Therefore, our immigration consultants in Alberta will make sure to guide you through this process and help you to achieve your dreams of becoming a Canadian citizen. LIVIN Immigration Services will help you find the right path to becoming a Canadian citizen and the best immigration consultants in Alberta will make the entire process a lot easier.

We are committed to all your Canada immigration needs and our immigration consultants in Alberta are happy to offer you the best Canadian Immigration Services and help you on your journey to Canada!

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