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Canadian Citizenship Requirements 2023

If you meet all those requirements, the only thing that remains is doing the paperwork. It can be submitted by you personally or by an immigration consultant. Further in the text, we explain how we work and what we do for our clients, so keep on reading!

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Having lived in Canada for years, and as Canadian citizenship consultants, we are confident that Canada offers excellent settlement choices within a solid environment to those who wish to become Canadian citizens. As immigration consultants we have provided a guiding path to thousands of individuals wishing to immigrate to Canada.

Best Citizenship Consultants at Your Service

Canadian immigration law is very complex and sometimes very confusing. Requirements constantly change, sometimes even twice a year, the amount of paperwork is overwhelming and it's so easy to get lost. While it's true that the DIY approach to immigration is always an option, hiring a certified immigration consultant is your safest bet as they will save you a lot of time and ultimately, money. Here is why completing your citizenship with LIVIN is advantageous and can help you avoid the unnecessary delays in your case:

We Work on Accurately Filling Your Documents

Application forms have an extensive range of questions and should be all answered. Missing information and not filling the application correctly may delay processing. It is also very important to give true answers to avoid misrepresentation. Hiding information, even if it is just a human error and it is not intentional, may prevent you and your family from becoming Citizens of Canada.

We Guarantee Your Documents Will be Submitted Before the Deadline

Sometimes the processing office needs some additional documents to move with your application and get you closer to a final decision. It is important to remember they are very strict with deadlines. Where most of the time you are given 30 days to submit additional documents sometimes it is not a case. Our office assures that your documents are submitted without delays and in a timely manner.

We Will Keep Track of Your Application and Will Update You Accordingly

Keeping you up to date with the status of your case is our high priority. We realize how important it is to be informed. Immigration process is stressful enough, so we make sure that you are involved at every stage of your application.

Permanent Resident Status

Once you become a permanent resident and get your PR card, time starts counting towards your citizenship. Before filing your citizenship application, make sure you have a valid PR status and you meet the time requirement. The entire application process can take years and one mistake can cost you a lot of time.

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Time you have lived in Canada

You must have been in Canada for at least 3 years (1,095 days) before you sign your application. Canadian Citizenship and Immigration department encourages you to apply with more than 3 years of living in Canada in case there are problems with the calculation. You may be able to include in your calculation the time you spent in Canada as a temporary resident.

How to Count the Time Lived in Canada

  • Count the days you were physically present in Canada
  • Times, when you’ve been out of the country, are excluded (international trips, vacations etc)
  • You should keep track of days spent in Canada and days out for higher accuracy
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Tip: Check stamps in your passports or flight tickets/travel bills. You can also use a travel journal to record your trips outside Canada. It will help you to be accurate in your calculation of physical presence in Canada.

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Filing income taxes

Filing the taxes is another Canadian citizenship requirement and you need to make sure to file taxes in Canada for at least 3 years before the date you apply for citizenship to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

You should have received either a T4 or T5 tax assessment form from your employer in January or February following the end of TAX year.

You should have received a T4 from your employer in January or February following the end of the TAX year. Even if you lived in Canada for only part of the year, you may have to file a tax return.

For more information, please check this link (opens in a new window).

Keep in mind that when you send your citizenship application, you are authorizing Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to contact Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and they would confirm if you filed your taxes as required.

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Pass a test on responsibilities, rights and knowledge of Canada

Passing this test in order to become a Canadian citizen is one of the Canadian citizenship requirements. If you are 18 to 54 years of age on the day you sign the application, you need to take this citizenship test and answer questions about the rights and responsibilities of Canada’s history, geography, economy, government, laws, and symbols.

The test has 20 questions, and you need 15 correct answers to pass. It is in English or French and takes 30 minutes. The test is constructed based on information included in the citizenship study guide that can be found in below link (opens in a new window):

There is a lot of websites with sample online tests that will help you to prepare you for the exam.
You can learn more about the exam in below link.

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Language skills, another Canadian citizenship requirement

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Canada has two official languages: English and French. If you are 18 to 54 years of age on the day you sign the application, you must show you can listen and speak at a specific level in either one of these languages. To become a Canadian citizen you must respect this Canadian citizenship requirement given by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship

Since the outbreak of COVID, Canada has canceled all in-person applications and instead opened up online submissions. Currently, there are two ways to submit your documents - by mailing in hard copies of your documents or submitting them online.

Documents to Submit With Your Application

Documents checklist

Download Citizenship Applications for Adults

Things That Disqualify you from Canadian Citizenship (expand on these three lines)

  • Can’t have any unfulfilled conditions relating to your permanent resident status
  • Can’t be under a removal order (asked by Canadian officials to leave Canada)
  • can’t be inadmissible or prohibited on criminal or security grounds

Ready to proceed? Discover your Canadian immigration options and LIVIN Immigration can help you become a Canadian citizen!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the fee for processing a citizenship application?
The processing fee for Adults (18 and over) is $530 CAD and the right of citizenship fee is $100 CAD. For minors under 18 processing fee is $100 CAD.
2How long does it typically take to process a citizenship application
The declared processing time is 12 months. Due to COVID processing can take even longer.
3I'm a permanent resident. How do I apply for Canadian citizenship?
There are currently two ways to apply for citizenship: online and by mailing in your documents. Submitting your documents is person is closed since the outbreak of COVID-19
4Can I apply for citizenship after 2 years in Canada?
We recommend that you wait until you have lived in Canada for 3 full years at the time of submitting your application.
5Can you help filling out Canadian citizenship applications?
Yes. We at LIVIN immigration specialize in citizenship applications. Please reach out to present your case and we'll be happy to help.
6How to check the status of my citizenship application?
You can check the status of your application online if you have already received your acknowledgment of receipt (AOR) under the below link
7Does Canada allow dual citizenship?
Yes, Canada allows dual citizenship.
8Is there a minimum number of days per year to live in Canada?
There is no such requirement. For the purposes of Canadian citizenship, as long as you have lived for a total of 1095 days over the last 5 years, you meet the time requirement.

For example, if for the last 5 years you spent 2 years outside of Canada, and 3 years in Canada, you'll still meet the time requirement.

Note: it's highly recommended to have lived in Canada for more than 3 years at the moment you apply for citizenship.
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