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Visitor Visa

Canada is a very popular tourists destination and has a lot to offer. If you do not have a passport from a visa-exempt country you might need a visitor visa.

Whether you are planning to visit beloved family or explore Canada you might need to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa.

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Super Visa

A super visa allows parents and grandparents to visit their children or grandchildren who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents for up to 2 years at a time.

It’s a multi-entry visa that is valid for multiple entries for a period of up to 10 years. This visa is not allowing to work but it is a convenient solution for parents/grandparents visiting for longer than 6 months at a time.

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Canada is a very popular tourist destination and there are many interesting experiences in Canada that you’ll want to take in when you visit. If you want to be a tourist in Canada and see the breathtaking beauty of this country up close, you need to ensure you have all the paperwork in place, beginning with your Canadian visa application.

In order to enter Canada the persons who are not permanent residents of Canada, or Canadian citizens or visa-exempt individuals require a Canadian visa. This includes workers, students, family visiting from other countries or tourists in Canada. It is important that you obtain the Canadian Visa before you plan to enter the country, booking the flights or making travel plans.

You’ll also need to check your eligibility for a Canadian visa before you picture yourself as a tourist in Canada. Our immigration consultants in Alberta can help you determine what type of visa you should apply for and whether you’re eligible for a Canadian visa.

Canada Visa Applications at LIVIN Immigration

Depending on the reason for your visit to this country, whether you are planning to be a tourist in Canada or to visit your family for longer period, you may need one of the following types of Canadian visitor visas:
a. Single entry visa
b. Multiple entry visa

LIVIN Immigration consultants will save your time with Canadian visa application services and they’ll point you in the right direction, as making sense of all these different options for Canadian visa applications can become challenging. Our consultants will determine which visa will work best for your stay or trip as a tourist in Canada and also make sure you will obtain your visa as soon as possible.

Canada Super Visa

LIVIN Immigration is happy to help parents and grandparents reunite with their children and Canada Super Visa allows them to visit their children or grandchildren who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents for up to two years at a time. What is super about Canada Super Visa? This visa differs from classic visitor visas in Canada, as visitors who apply for a visitor visa can stay in Canada for up to six months, whereas Canada Super Visa holders may stay up to two years per visit. Canada Super Visa also allows multiple entries for up to ten years.

There are many considerations when you are planning to travel to Canada with a Super Visa such as your country of residence, financial situation or medical condition. There are also considerations for the host, such as declaration of their financial support. LIVIN Immigration’s consultants will meet your expectations during the process and will help all applicants to properly fill out the applications. Canada Super Visa is making a difference for families and inviting family to Canada for an extended visit has never been so easy.

Whether you are planning to be a tourist in beautiful Canada or you are aiming for an extended period in Canada with the Super Visa, LIVIN Immigration is here to make this process easier for you and turn your dreams into reality.

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