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Work Permit

Work permit document allows people to live and work temporarily in Canada. Canada is actively seeking foreign workers and qualified professionals to help grow its strong economy but also has in place very strict regulations to ensure protection of Canadian labour market.

There are two kinds of foreign workers in Canada; those who require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and LMIA exempt workers.

In general, the LMIA application is used to assess potential impact of hiring foreign workers on Canadian labour market. Positive or neutral LMIA is an authorization that the government gives to Canadian company to employ a foreign worker.

If you are an employer looking to hire foreign worker and do not know where to start contact us.

There are specific programs for foreign workers that do not require an LMIA. That includes: International Mobility Program: International Free Trade Agreements Professionals, Intra – company transferees and International Experience Canada. If you want to come to Canada to work temporarily please contact us for more information.

Open Work Permit

An open work permit is not a job-specific work permit. You might be eligible if you are:
→ an international student who graduated from a designated learning institution and meets requirements for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program
→ a dependent family member of someone who applied for permanent residence
→ a spouse or common-law partner of a skilled worker or international student
→ a spouse or common-law partner of an applicant of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
→ a refugee, refugee claimant, protected person or their family member
→ a temporary resident permit holder
→ a young worker participating in special programs, for example international experience

In each of above situations, you must meet additional criteria to be eligible. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

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LIVIN Immigration Services can help you to get authorization to work in Canada by application for work permit. If you want to learn new skills and gain experience in the Canadian job market, check with us your eligibility. Work permit is a document that allows people to live and work temporarily in Canada. Let LIVIN Immigration help you get to work in Canada!

Work in Canada with a work permit

LIVIN Immigration has a background of successful Canadian work permit applications and our applicants have worked in a variety of markets and industries in Canada. We have helped both employers and employees grow the Canadian economy and we are planning to continue.

You must know that there are two kinds of foreign workers in Canada:
- Foreign workers who require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
- LMIA exempt workers

Applying for a work permit is complex and our consultants will help applicants to understand everything about this process. Finding a job in Canada’s workforce does not have to be difficult and we are more than happy to provide all applicants with resources to help them in their search.

Work in Canada with an open work permit

An open work permit is not a job-specific work permit. In Canada an open work permit allows you to work wherever you want and you can apply for a Canadian open work permit without a job offer. If you want to immigrate to Canada with an open work permit, LIVIN Immigration will help you streamline the open work permit process and get approved for a permit faster. This permit gives you the flexibility to find the job you want once you’ve arrived. While you are in Canada on an open work permit you can change employers and experience different jobs.

LIVIN immigration Services helps all applicants who want to work in Canada with open work permit applications that give them the freedom to work where they want and when they want. If you want to know what are the additional criteria you must meet to be eligible for an open work permit in Canada, our immigration consultants will guide you through the process.

What is the difference between a closed work permit and an open work permit in Canada?

A closed work permit in Canada always specifies an employer that foreign national is authorized to work for. Immigrants with a closed work permit must have an LMIA or proof of employment to apply. Once they’ve received the work permit, they can only work for the business specified on their permit. On the other hand, in Canada, open work permits are not job-specific and permit their holders to choose the employer they want without needing an LMIA or a proof of employment.

Whether you want to work in Canada with open work permit or closed work permit, LIVIN Immigration is here to help you to achieve your goals and get to experience the Canadian job market.

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